Initiative Groups on HLS

Members of initiative groups (IGs) are active people captivated by HLS and ready to help others to change their attitude towards health.


14 IGs on HLS

280+ people

from 9 to 90 years

12 communities

of Vitebsk, Grodno and Mogilev Regions


Groups’ activities are aimed at HLS promotion among citizens of Belarusian towns and villages:

  • Developing volunteers’ movement on HLS and volunteers’ training
  • Informing about HLS and NCD prevention
  • Promoting physical activity (Nordic walking, yoga, fitness, hikes, cycling, sports dances)
  • Promoting healthy eating




Vitebsk Region

«Healthy Zelyonka»

Active family leisure time

«Way To the Top»

Nordic Walking, Yoga


Healthy Eating, Fitness


Yoga, Fitness, Nordic Walking

«Young In Soul»

Healthy Eating, Fitness, Nordic Walking

Grodno Region



«To The Health Sources»

Walking and Bicycle Trips, Canoe Floats

«Health Formula»

Active family leisure time

«Peace Is Inside of Us»

Peace Is Inside of Us


Fitness, Nordic Walking

«We’ll Be Healthy»


Mogilev Region


Nordic Walking

«Let’s Start With Ourselves»

HLS-tourism (hiking)