About project

The project “Community Action for Health” has been implemented by the Belarus Red Cross Society (BRCS) since 2014 with support of the Swiss Red Cross in partnership with the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus.


Project Goal

Strengthening health and changing behavior of Belarusians towards healthy lifestyle (HLS).

Main Idea

To unite Belarusians for HLS activities and to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCD) through establishing of initiative volunteer groups. To support the initiative on implementing the “Healthy City” model of the European Regional Bureau of the World Health Organization  in Belarus.  

Initiative Groups (IGs) on HLS

Members of initiative groups are active people captivated by HLS and ready to help others to change their attitude towards health.

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Activities of IGs on HLS

Groups’ activities are aimed at HLS promotion among citizens of Belarusian towns and villages:
• Developing volunteers’ movement on HLS and volunteers’ training
• Informing about HLS and NCD prevention
• Promoting physical activity (Nordic walking, yoga, fitness, hikes, cycling, sports dances)

IGs on HLS implemented 14 mini-initiatives to establish conditions for HLS practice in local communities.






Project Chronology 




IGs on HLS work with support of region and district BRCS organizations and partner organizations: healthcare, educational, cultural institutions, social protection, sports and tourism organizations, local authorities. 

Methodological Support  and Training

Members of IGs on HLS and representatives of partner organizations completed special training on NCD prevention and HLS promotion based on the methodological books-modules on HLS and NCD prevention elaborated by the International Federation of Red Cross in cooperation with the World Health Organization and adapted by the BRC specialists.

The books-modules you will find "in Library".  




Basic Project Principles 

Project activities are being implemented based on the principles of active participation in order to mobilize communities and develop their potential.

IGs on HLS have been established and work on the basis of the situational analysis in their communities and needs of local people. The groups organized and held 2 campaigns on NCD prevention and HLS promotion with involvement of more than 10,000 citizens of Belarus. For all interested people IGs organize different thematic events: meetings, round tables, contests, master-classes.

Members of IGs, HLS volunteers change their behavior towards a healthier one, share individual experience and inspire other people with their example to keep healthy lifestyle.


Individual Support

Trained members of IGs support people of local community who want to change their behavior towards a healthier one:
• Make assessment of NCD development risk;
• Help to elaborate a personal plan of action on HLS and NCD prevention;
• Provide regular support at the behavior change stages.

Logo and tagline

The tagline "Together to Health!" embodies the main idea of the project – to create the movement of volunteers and to unite all who are engaged in a healthy lifestyle. It is simpler to people to change the behavior when they feel support of others. The logo reflects these principles and represents the handshake of two people transformed to the graphic representation.


The success stories of the HLS volunteers

14 groups

Initiative Groups on HLS

map of Initiative groups


Cycling, Nordic Walking, Folk Games

«Healthy Zelyonka»

Active family leisure time

«Way To the Top»

Nordic Walking, Yoga


Healthy Eating, Fitness


Yoga, Fitness, Nordic Walking

«Young In Soul»

Healthy Eating, Fitness, Nordic Walking



«To The Health Sources»

Walking and Bicycle Trips, Canoe Floats

«Health Formula»

Active family leisure time

«Peace Is Inside of Us»

Peace Is Inside of Us


Fitness, Nordic Walking

«We’ll Be Healthy»



Nordic Walking

«Let’s Start With Ourselves»

HLS-tourism (hiking)